ITMS Group Inc. announces representation agreement with Compilatio in Latin America

July 21, 2021

Miami, USA – July 21, 2021 – ITMS Group Inc., leading provider of information services, products, and solutions to  optimize library management, is pleased to announce its new partnership with Compilatio.

Compilatio is a software that helps the detection and prevention of plagiarism. This tool has several mechanisms aimed at teachers, students and professionals in writing and editing. Thanks to Compilatio one can check, reference sources, and avoid involuntary plagiarism, in addition to having full control of the creations of the user.

Its intuitive interface allows document analysis in just three clicks. It also provides free access sources online in every  language, other works analyzed and associated with

Compilatio finds the sources that present similarities to your document, creating a report that clearly and legibly shows all the similar texts detected and their origin. In addition, it is fully cloud-based, no installation is required. Results are accurate and clear with analysis ready in minutes. Compilatio can be fully integrated with ILS libraries, allowing to check its repositories for plagiarism.

Integrating Compilatio with your institution’s Virtual Classroom platform, such as Moodle, is easily done –

  • Integration possible in minutes
  • Flexible and adaptable to each institution
  • There is no need for additional resources from universities
  • It democratizes the use of the tool for the entire

Compilatio differs from the other anti-plagiarism systems –

  • GDPR data protection:
  • Plagiarism prevention and detection program. Resources and training development:

In the coming weeks, Compilatio will present its new platform for users

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