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ICE is a leading provider worldwide for researchers and practitioners of civil engineering and related fields.

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ICE Virtual Library from ICE Publishing, the most comprehensive and reliable online civil engineering resource in the world. Their virtual library allows you to explore ICE archives back to 1836, browse ICE Publishing’s internationally renowned journals and access over 1,500 eBooks to find the information you need.

ICE Publishing is a leading provider of information for researchers and practitioners worldwide in the fields of civil and environmental engineering and materials science.

ICE publishing has a wide range of journals, archives and books provide a gold-standard reference point for industry and academia and make up the most comprehensive civil engineering portfolio in the world. providing important financial support to help ICE to fulfil its charitable mission to “benefit society and advance the field of civil engineering”.   

The ICE Virtual Library hosts all of ICE Publishing’s e-content including: 
  • 35 peer-reviewed journals (28 with SJR rankings, 19 in Web of Science Core Collection) and archives, with over 36,000 online papers, and over 1800 new papers published each year 
  • over 1500 eBooks in 13 subject-specific collections, representing the most comprehensive eBook collection in the world, with over 398,000 pages 
  • archives of current and legacy journals and proceedings dating from 1836. 

Print books are available for purchase on our ICE Bookshop website. You can find flyers and video tutorials in our toolkit.

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