A political biography of one of the 20th Century’s most significant theorists and activists

Leo Zeilig here details the fascinating life of Frantz Fanon – from his upbringing in Martinique to his wartime experiences and work in Europe and North Africa – and frames his ideas and activism within the greater context of his career as a practicing psychiatrist and his politically tumultuous surroundings. Highlighting Fanon’s role as the most influential theorist of anti-colonialism and racial liberation, this book is an essential read for those interested in the roots of the modern day anti-racism and decolonization movements.

“[I]n this smoothly written biography, [Zeilig] proceeds to provide an insight into the complexities that made up this remarkable thinker.”
– Independent

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New editions of seminal texts by Frantz Fanon

These freshly edited and translated texts reveal the processes that shaped Frantz Fanon’s thinking about oppression, alienation and the search for freedom. They provide new complexity to our understanding of Fanon and reveal just how relevant his thinking is to the contemporary world – and how important his ideas are to changing it.

Frantz Fanon: The Plays from Alienation and Freedom
The Plays
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Frantz Fanon: The Psychiatric Writings from Alienation and Freedom
The Psychiatric Writings
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Frantz Fanon: The Political Writings from Alienation and Freedom
The Political Writings
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Also on African politics, diaspora art and activism

by Youssef Mahmoud and Mbiatem Albert
Published in association with the African Leadership Centre at King’s College London

As concerns mount about the continued relevance and efficiency of UN peace operations, Youssef Mahmoud – who headed several challenging peace missions in Africa – draws on many years of experience to offer insights into how political leadership might be exercised to help restore and nurture peace. Making extensive use of the authors’ unique personal experiences, the book offers an unparalleled insight into the leadership challenges of complex conflict situations.

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