ITMS Analytics

The only Business Intelligence platform specializing in generating fast and accurate analysis for libraries.
ITMS Analytics

ITMS Analytics uses associative Business Intelligence tools, unique in their kind, to analyze and systematize the generation of information, allowing the analysis to be highly interactive, intuitive, with instant response and without restriction on the amount of data handled or its attributes.

ITMS Analytics has been developed with a standard model for the Library market in Latin America, however it is absolutely parameterizable according to the indicators that each library defines.


ITMS Analytics is a true data mining tool for Big Data through selections, which are simple associations in the mind of the analyst, all the desired variables are chosen, and the result of the selection made is displayed interactively and instantly. through specific strategic objects or general dashboards.

• Possibility of analyzing through time series without chronological limit and amount of data.
• Analysis of the data through the qualitative attributes defined by the library, the publishers or the various validation mechanisms (EzProxy, Open Athens) without presenting any limit for this definition:
• Physical collections through MARC tags
• Characteristics of copies of printed collections
• Loans, renewals, returns
• Relationship with the attributes of the users – faculty, career, type of users and gender.
• Qualitative definition of users and institutions, in the case of consortia, location of the search carried out by IP, among others.
• Allows the user to create their own analysis objects – strategic analysis objects – such as graphs, tables and selection boxes.
• Exports the data to Excel, Word, PDF, to the clipboard and text files, thus converting the analysis into deliverable reports.

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