ASCB is an inclusive, international community of biologists studying the cell, the fundamental unit of life.

The American Society for Cell Biology is an inclusive, international community of biologists studying the cell, the fundamental unit of life. We are dedicated to advancing scientific discovery, advocating sound research policies, improving education, promoting professional development, and increasing diversity in the scientific workforce.

Cell biology is the study of cell structure and function, and it revolves around the concept that the cell is the fundamental unit of life. All living things, including humans, animals, and plants, are made of cells. Focusing on the cell permits a detailed understanding of the tissues, organs, organ systems, and organisms that cells compose. Cell biologists seek to understand how cells work by examining the machinery inside of them, investigating how they communicate and determining how they form larger structures.

Molecular Biology of the Cell (MBoC)

Molecular Biology of the Cell (MBoC) is a premier journal for research in all areas of cell biology, from biophysics to genetics to neuroscience. Its 27 online issues per year include Special Issues in the important areas of Quantitative Cell Biology, Forces on and within Cells, and the Cell Biology of Stem Cells. Readers and authors alike benefit from the journal’s review process, which offers authors constructive feedback by working scientists. In addition to original scholarly research reports, MBoC offers stimulating Features Articles that explore ideas in science and in the profession of science. Manuscript versions of articles are published rapidly after acceptance through MBoC in Press.

CBE—Life Sciences Education (LSE)

CBE—Life Sciences Education (LSE) is a peer-reviewed journal of life science education research and evidence-based practice published by the ASCB in editorial partnership with the Genetics Society of America and partially funded by Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Online and completely free, LSE emphasizes teaching innovations and evidence of their effectiveness and is designed for educators at all levels and across all life science disciplines.

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