Your Vault Campus Subscription Is Getting an Upgrade

New Platform Launching This Summer!

Inspired by our own career journeys, our missteps, our learned ability to adapt, and all of the people who helped us along the way, we are excited to present a career engagement platform powered by firsthand experiences.

Your Vault Campus Subscription Is Getting an Upgrade. New Platform Launching This Summer!

Host: Fredrik Marø, General Manager, Vault / Firsthand

The NEW Firsthand career engagement platform empowers career seekers by providing them with powerful insights, unique resources, and impactful relationships so that they can discover their best next step.

The Firsthand platform equalizes access to valuable career insights, expert advice, and connections and empowers your students to navigate their careers from a position of strength, knowledge, and assurance.

Like always, they gain access to hundreds of premier employer surveys, profiles, and rankings. But now, they can also personally connect with the employees who work there.

Interested in learning more about the full potential of the new Firsthand career engagement platform? Reserve your spot in our launch webinar today!