Solution that integrates library research into a single platform, allowing users expedient access to pertinent information.


Lib.Steps is a real-time search tool that integrates all information services in a single portal. Lib.Steps was founded by Epass of South Korea in 1999 to fill the drastic need for real-time search in Asia.

Lib.Steps is excellent for any size institution requiring information services- catalogs, repositories, open access, or paid services. Queries are made in full text with no need for metadata or limited keywords, allowing for Lib.Steps to integrate information from the smallest to largest institutions around the globe.

Lib.Steps does not represent any type of content. All inquiries are impartial, maintaining the relevancy, quantity, and order of results of the native platform. Results are transparent with the same categorization and detail given by the publisher.

Lib.Steps integrates all information services from local, regional, and expansive international publishers. There is no need for librarians or publishers to submit metadata or any additional information. The system uses artificial intelligence (AI) to perform queries of full text in real-time. Publications can be found in the same second that they are made public, regardless of the size and type of the information service (catalog, repository, open access, or subscribed platform).

Lib.Steps can integrate all types of information services and document types –

  • Online public access catalogs
  • Repositories
  • Open access
  • Subscribed information services
  • Information services in perpetuity
  • Journals
  • E-books
  • Newspapers

The installation process is quick and seamless. All processes are remote with no need for a physical server. All information is hosted via cloud services. Requesting a trial is easy and free, all that is needed is the URL of the information services used by the institution.

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