The Latest Annual Reviews Buzz – September 2021

New Review Article Collection Now Available:

“Extreme weather and climate events, such as heat waves, cyclones, and floods, are an expression of climate variability. These events and events influenced by climate change, such as wildfires, continue to cause significant human morbidity and mortality and adversely affect mental health and well-being.” -Kristie L. Ebi et al., Annual Review of Public Health, 2021

Annual Reviews has curated a new Climate Change and Extreme Events review article collection to explore the causes, impacts, and predictions associated with climate change and extreme weather. Download 21 review articles from 9 Annual Reviews journals, addressing:

Wildfires and Forest Management

Human Impact on Climate and the Anthropocene

Extreme Weather Events

Climate Modelling and Prediction

Articles are freely available to download through October 31, 2021 and are always available through subscribing institutions.

Article Collection - Climate Change and Extreme Events

Annual Reviews Journals Publishing in September:

Virology (Volume 8)

Vision Science (Volume 7)

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