Dedicated software system that grants remote access to an institution’s IP-restricted networks, giving users access to subscribed electronic resources from anywhere in the world.

Lib.Proxy is a dedicated software system that grants remote access to sites and services that are location-restricted by IP address. With Lib.Proxy, users can gain access from anywhere in the world.

Installation requires the addition of an IP address to the institution’s information services. All data is hosted by cloud services in the United States. Managerial service is provided by Epass. Librarians can rest easy knowing Lib.Proxy is constantly monitored.
Using the platform is simple and timely. Each end user is assigned a unique username and password that allows them to log-in to a website, granting access to the information services. Lib.Proxy connects with different directory services, meaning institutions can use their existing credentials.

Lib.Proxy is available for various operating systems including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and iPadOS; and browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer, and Opera. Lib.Proxy has full integration with mobile interfaces– phones, tablets, and other devices.

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