Stress and Resilience in the Pandemic and Beyond

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Trouble sleeping. Bad dreams. Cracked teeth. Increased alcohol intake. As cases of Covid-19 boom, the attendant stress of living in a pandemic persists. More than half of Americans say that worry or stress about the Covid-19 pandemic has affected their mental or physical health. And many of our usual ways of coping — seeing friends and family, for example, or exercising at the gym — have been curtailed.

What are the keys to building psychological resilience in the face of difficulties? What does research reveal about how coping strategies lessen or worsen the damage from stress and trauma? How do those recommendations need to shift, given the realities of Covid? And how might people cope with the double stress of the pandemic and the holidays?

One key, researchers say, may be focusing on flexibility.


  • Judith T. Moskowitz, Professor of Medical Social Sciences, Northwestern University
  • George A. Bonanno, Professor of Clinical Psychology and Director, Loss, Trauma, and Emotion Lab, Columbia University

Moderator: Eva Emerson, Editor-in-Chief, Knowable Magazine

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