Alexandria empowers you to have a positive impact with your patrons, streamlines your daily tasks, improves the discoverability of your collection, and increases circulation through our key solutions.


There’s a reason why Alexandria has been trusted by librarians across the world for over 30 years.


24/7 live customer support: any time, any topic, any person.


Any browser on any device, without the need for apps.


Personalize your library from set-up to interface to record content.


Run reports on the fly, or set a calendar. We work around your schedule.

24/7 Live Support

Any person in your organization, any hour of the day, any topic.

Whether it’s a quick, easy question or a complicated jam you’ve found yourself in, we’re here for you. We’ll even utilize remote access to delve into your issue and ensure your library is running at full capacity.

Our comprehensive customer support includes:

• 24/7 toll free live customer support
• Online resources and videos
• Message Center and email support
• Full access for your entire organization
• Monthly releases, updates, and upgrades

Simple Set-up and Maintenance

You can have your library exactly how you like it.


Even if you don’t have dedicated IT staff, Alexandria was designed to be a breeze to set up, manage, and maintain.

We’re all about options−whether you prefer a Centralized Catalog or Distributed Catalog, Self Hosting or Alexandria-managed Cloud Hosting, we’ll make it as simple as possible to have your library your way in no time at all.

You Don’t Have to Lift a Finger

Your catalog and collection is consistently updated.


When it comes to utility automation, we’ve got you covered: category unification, updated patron records, and nightly data cleanup (to name just a few), can all be configured to update automatically while you sleep. Now you can run and schedule reports whenever you’d like−whether it’s in the moment or in the future, you have the power to decide when it matters most.

Plus, Cloud Hosted Alexandria is automatically updated every month to the latest version with all the newest features, so you never miss a beat.

Reach Patrons of All Ages and Levels

Help books find their readers easier and faster.


Libraries are more than just a collection of books, and Alexandria was designed with that in mind.

From customizable buttons to fields to interfaces, your catalog is more accessible and exciting than ever.

Y ahora... ¿Está listo para potencializar su biblioteca?