ITMS Group Inc. and Mitinet Library Services Announce International Distribution Agreement

Miami, USA – October 1st, 2020 – ITMS Group Inc, leading provider of information services, products and solutions for optimizing library management, is pleased to announce its most recent partnership with Mitinet Library Services. This digital leader in metadata management brings a task-automation tool, BestMARC™ to ITMS customers. A cloud-based metadata management system for any library, this powerful and easy-to-use program helps librarians and catalogers strive for overall excellence and increase the circulation of their resources.

“We are very excited to offer BestMARC to universities and libraries around the world, showcasing the best metadata best library metadata system available”, Gabriel Suarez, Vice President of ITMS Group Inc.

For over 30 years, Mitinet has been working with libraries and catalogers worldwide, to help solve MARC record, cataloging, and metadata issues. Their tools and services allow them to maintain high MARC quality standards and assist with even the most diverse cataloging needs being discovered today.

BestMARC grew out of Mitinet’s Marc Magician in 2014 and makes processing and maintaining MARC records fast, easy and convenient, at category, building, district and library system level. With its sharing capabilities you’re able to create and save cataloging processes for editing and enhancing MARC records and share those with any team for consistency.

In addition to these features, BestMARC also includes:

Record source and MARC editor

Record enhancements (award notes, reading programs, subject headings)

Batch editing (global editing, regular expressions, workflows)

RDA update and standardizations

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About Mitinet Library Services

Our deep expertise and specialization in metadata management makes us your best partner in connecting knowledge seekers to the right resources by bringing ease, accuracy and speed to discoverability. With Mitinet on your side, library staff and learners alike are empowered to get the most value out of a library’s collection.