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This month, Raymond Pun discussed using video to create a digital story that promotes your library services and highlighted some techniques he learned from a workshop on Library Carpentry (hint: it’s not about building bookshelves!). In addition, Henrietta Verma presented some resources for libraries serving immigrant patrons, and we got some advice on protecting our personal data while working remotely and planning a professional development strategy.

Don’t forget to check out December Social Media Content for Libraries for ready-made posts you can share with your followers!

What’s New with Us?

Real Time Reference

With all the breaking news about COVID-19 vaccines, it’s nice to be able to rely on The Conversation to keep us informed of the latest developments. In clear, understandable language, scientists explain how the new mRNA vaccines work and why they need to be kept so cold and point to good news in the data for older people. Want to dive into the science directly? Learn how to read a research paper and check the evidence yourself.

New this month from Business Expert Press, Major Sociocultural Trends Shaping the Contemporary World dives into a wealth of topics, including global health and wellbeing, across multiple disciplines to give readers a well-rounded understanding.

Platform Updates

Weeding the Backfile for 2021

On January 6th, 2021, we’ll be weeding 55 aging or little-used titles from the curated versions of Academic Core and Secondary School Core. We’ll be messaging affected subscribers prior to and following the update, but if you know you have the curated version of Academic Core or Secondary School Core and would like to get a head start, here are the details:

55 titles to be weeded in Jan 2021 (Excel)
MARC Delete records for 2021 Backfile (.mrc)

For more on the curated version of Academic Core, please see our Help Center page or email with any questions.