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Happy spring! Last month, we learned more about educational technology, including eight reasons students need technology in the classroom and three things you should consider before investing in online learning tech. In addition, we found out which professional development topics are currently trending in higher education, plus we picked up some strategies for using social media for library promotion.

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What’s New with Us?

Real Time Reference

The Ever Given fiasco clearly illustrated the global economy runs on ships. Need to brush up on nautical terms? The Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea provides coverage of a huge range of topics, from shipbuilding, yachting, diving, marine engineering, and marine mammals, to smuggling, tsunamis, mermaids, and the language and literature of the sea.

It’s spring in the northern hemisphere, which means it’s prime time to help the bee and butterfly populations, especially in urban areas, while helping reduce our own physiological and psychological stress. New for Earth Month—Elsevier Science & Technology’s Encyclopedia of Microbiology and CABI’s Invasive Alien Plants: Impacts on Development and Options for Management can help you navigate your way through planting season.

As we strive toward a more perfect union, it’s worth taking the time to understand what systemic and institutional racism is and how to act as an antidoteUnderstanding and Navigating Discrimination in America is a resource guide from Omnigraphics designed to help people identify and understand challenging conversations about race and discrimination.

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