Baroque Art, Black History Month, The Perfect Weapon from HBO®, and More

Treasures of Baroque Art series

This series by new producer Blue Bird Productions features the most beautiful cathedrals, churches, and palaces all in the Baroque style, found mainly in the countries that were under the domination of the Austrian Habsburg Empire in the 15th and 16th centuries. In HD.


The Perfect Weapon

This edge-of-your-seat documentary special explores the disturbing rise of cyber conflict and how it has evolved into the primary way nations sabotage one another. The Perfect Weapon is a timely reflection on the ultimate price—and potential “victors”—of this high stakes conflict. An HBO Production. In HD.

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The Wanderer: A Story of Slavery, Survival, and the Strength to Prevail

Fifty years after Congress declared the slave trade illegal, slaveowner Charles Lamar embarks on a brazen and unscrupulous scheme to secretly transport enslaved Africans to Georgia. Acquiring the Wanderer, the fastest sailing ship in the New York Yacht Club, Lamar outfits it as a slaver and then quickly sends the vessel to Africa. Uncover the story behind one of the last known slave ships coming to America and discover the distinctive heritage known as Gullah-Geechee culture. In HD.

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Films On Demand offers a variety of titles to honor and explain civil rights and Black history in America, including these:

The Civil Rights Movement (Item #47589)
Isaac Pope: The Spirit of an American Century (Item #182998)
King in the Wilderness (Item #148962)
Clementine Hunter’s World (Item #186565)
Slave Trade (Item #206201) from Finding Your Roots, Season 6
Tell Them We Are Rising: The Story of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (Item #166851)
TEDTalks: David Ikard—The Real Story of Rosa Parks—And Why We Need to Confront Myths about Black History (Item #209593)
Secrets of the Hollow: Last Disintegrated School (Item #206208)
Reconstruction: America After the Civil War—Episode 4 (Item #188583)

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