Plagiarism checker that prefers results over numbers by combining both technological excellence and intuitive design, Unicheck helps to achieve authenticity instead of simply pointing out similarity

Easy to Use While Hard to Fool
Extensive toolset and clear layout makes Unicheck the best option for those who want their text to be perfectly authentic

Data Safety is Central
Your data is securely stored and processed in your region and according to all international data privacy protocols including FERPA, COPPA, and GDPR. The privacy of personally identifiable information is strictly safeguarded by the Unicheck algorithms.

For every size and budget
Every college and school should be equipped with a vital and affordable tool for nurturing quality educational processes, regardless of the size and resources. Get a personalized plan that will fit your needs and possibilities.

Helps instead of complicating
You’re getting a clear, intuitive, and fully automated tool doing the routine part of the educational process while you implement the creative share. Implement best educational practices while Unicheck runs automatically delivering insights into the originality of your students’ research papers.

 Equally accessible to every user
The universal design of Unicheck is called to prevent barriers in education to people with a wide range of disabilities. Every user has equal opportunities to utilize Unicheck in full to enhance their voice and writing skills along the way.

Plagiarism Detection for Education

  • Effortless integration with all major LMSs
  • Real-time search across the Internet & your library
  • Similarity links free from viruses, phishing, and other security threats

Trusted by 1,100 Academic Institutions Globally
Academic institutions trust us as we create plagiarism prevention software based on their feedback.

Originality Checking for Business

  • Check for plagiarism in your business ecosystem
  • Text structure and formatting stay unaffected
  • Aggregated analytics for in-depth analysis

1 million users in over 90 countries learn with Unicheck
4 seconds per page, the time it takes to deliver a comprehensive similarity report
124 million files checked by people, universities, and businesses worldwide

Unicheck Integrations with Higher Ed LMSs
Easy integration with every Learning Management System

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