SPIE, la sociedad internacional de óptica y fotónica, se fundó en 1955 para hacer avanzar las tecnologías basadas en la luz.

Áreas Temáticas

SPIE, the international society for optical and photonics publishes the SPIE Digital Library, the world’s largest collection of optics and photonics applied research with more than 500,000 papers from SPIE journals, conference proceedings and presentations, and eBooks. Research spans biomedicine, communications, sensors, defense and security, manufacturing, electronics, energy, and imaging. 

  • SPIEJournals are dedicated to advancing the science and application of light and light-based technologies. All published journal articles have undergone rigorous peer review as well as professional copyediting and typesetting. Papers can be read online or downloaded as a PDF. All SPIE journals feature rapid article-at-a-time publishing. Open access articles are clearly marked by the open access symbol. For details about publication licenses and the associated rights to share published articles, see the SPIE policies on article sharing. 
  • SPIEConference Proceedings bring together engineers and scientists to present their latest research and to network with peers. Each year SPIE conferences result in approximately 350 proceedings volumes comprising 16,000+ papers and presentation recordings reporting on photonics-driven advancements in areas such as biomedicine, astronomy, defense and security, renewable energy, and more. 
  • SPIEeBooks is a growing collection of titles from SPIE Press, the largest independent publisher of optics and photonics books. The collection includes all of the top SPIE Press monographs, reference works, field guides, tutorial texts, and Spotlight eBooks to keep researchers current on the latest science and technology and advancing their own work. 
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