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Impulsadas por científicos en activo, las revistas de Rockefeller University Press publican investigaciones revolucionarias en el ámbito de las ciencias de la vida y biomedicina de los principales investigadores de todo el mundo.

Áreas Temáticas

Rockefeller University Press (RUP) is committed to quality and integrity in scientific publishing. We use the latest technologies and carry out rigorous peer review, applying the highest standards of novelty, mechanistic insight, data integrity, and general interest to fulfill our mission of publishing excellent science. RUP’s nonprofit journals were established by the research community, and editorial decisions and policies continue to be driven by scientists who actively contribute to their fields, appreciate the value of peer review, and desire a better publication experience for all. 

RUP journals publish groundbreaking research in the life sciences and biomedicine from leading investigators around the world and serve as a valued resource to those engaged in cutting-edge research and who train future generations of scientists. Articles published in RUP journals are frequently cited, and institutions that most frequently access content in RUP journals are ranked among the top in life sciences research output. Researchers and clinicians’ access JCBJEM, and JGP through institutional subscriptions that support our nonprofit mission 

Rockefeller University Press Journals 

Journal of Cell Biology (JCB) publishes advances in any area of basic cell biology as well as applied cellular advances in fields such as immunology, neurobiology, metabolism, microbiology, developmental biology, and plant biology. Est. 1955 

Journal of Experimental Medicine (JEM) publishes papers providing novel conceptual insight into immunology, neuroscience, cancer biology, vascular biology, microbial pathogenesis, and stem cell biology. Est. 1896 

Journal of General Physiology (JGP) publishes mechanistic and quantitative cellular and molecular physiology of the highest quality. Est. 1918 

Life Science Alliance (LSA) (co-publication) publishes valuable research from across all areas in the life sciences. The open access journal is co-published by Rockefeller University Press, EMBO Press, and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press. Est. 2018 

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