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Making your submission: a guide

Want a smooth and quick submission for your paper? We’ve got everything you need to know – from preparation to systems and data sharing – in our guide to submitting your research.

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Exploring the potential of the public

Engaging the public in humanities research and publication can offer many benefits – but how do you get it right?

Our blog explores the opportunities and challenges around public outreach, consultation, and partnerships.

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Understanding journal metrics

Choosing a journal to submit to? Understanding metrics will help. Our new guide walks you through the different types and explains why it’s good to consider a range of metrics.

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What is (and isn’t) plagiarism?

We know integrity and trust in peer-reviewed scholarly journals is important to readers. It’s one of the reasons Taylor & Francis takes plagiarism seriously.

Understand what plagiarism is and isn’t, plus how you can avoid it, with our guide.
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