Save A Seat: Baking Resilience into the Food System

Date: Wednesday, March 24
Time: 7am PT | 10am ET | 2pm GMT
Join Knowable Magazine and Annual Reviews for a conversation about the pandemic’s effect on global food supply chains. What can be done within the food system to prevent future crises in the face of climate change?

Empty grocery stores shelves. Shuttered restaurants. Milk spoiled and dumped. The pandemic served as an unscheduled stress test for the world’s food systems, highlighting gaps, weak points, and strengths. How did food supply chains fare in different regions? What safety nets exist for those at risk of food insecurity? What are the benefits and drawbacks of local food-based systems versus global supply chains? How might other circumstances like drought or diminished crop yields affect how the population grows and consumes food? And, going forward, what can people and institutions do — from farmers to processors to governments — to build more resilient food supply chains in the face of climate change and future pandemics?


• Johann Swinnen, Director General, International Food Policy Research Institute
• Tim Benton, Research Director, Emerging Risks; Director, Energy, Environment and Resources Programme, Chatham House

Moderator: Bob Holmes, Independent journalist

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